Porting to Orca 2.0

Existing code based on COD (orca.cod.* namespace) would still work in Orca 2.0. However, COD is on its way to deprecation and future releases are likely not to include support for it. All existing code that is intended to be used with future releases should be ported to the new code base. This document describes the porting process.

Point of Reference

The BEN controller package (orca/controllers/ben) has been updated to use the new API. In particular, the InterdomainController can serve as a reference of how to write a controller that conforms the the new code base.

When is the Port Complete?

The basic test is to see if your code still depends on anything from the orca.cod.* namespace. If it does, then your job is not done yet. If not, then you are halfway there. If the code compiles, you are almost there. Some additional testing to ensure that the code still works would complete the process.

Porting Process

What needs to be updated? Any code that resides inside the orca.cod namespace should be replaced with the corresponding code that does not reside in orca.cod. This often means:

  • Any use of Node and NodeGroup should be replaced with Unit and UnitSet. See The Substrate API Guide .
  • If you are using orca.cod.control.ResourceControl, switch to using orca.policy.core.ResourceControl.
  • If you are using a ResourceControl based on orca.cod.control.ResourceControl, switch to using the corresponding one from orca.policy.core.
  • Replace uses of CodServiceManagerReservationFactory with ServiceManagerReservationFactory.
  • Replace ICodClientReservation with IServiceManagerReservation
  • Replace calls to the helper methods in CodReservation with a call that explicitly sets the property the COD-based method used to set. Please consult InterDomainController for reference. The getReservations method is of particular interest.
  • Update your handlers, if needed.

    Properties passed to handlers may have changed slightly. Since our documentation in this area is particularly lacking, we describe a process that can help with this step: You may want to put a breakpoint in Substrate.getConfigurationProperties and examine the constructed properties list. Once you've identified the names of the properties you are interested in, you can update your handler to reflect the new naming.

  • Update your actor configuration files using the new format .


If you have a question and need assistance please send an email to the geni-orca users mailing list.