Orca Guides Index

Welcome to the Orca Guides! On these pages you will find a collection of information about different aspects of installing, managing, and using Orca. All notation used in the guides is described here . Please let us know if you encounter any problems following our instructions.

We have organized the guides in the following categories:

The Orca Trac page also contains useful information about Orca and is updated more frequently than these pages.

Installation and Configuration

Name Description
Getting Started First stop for new users.
Installation Initial steps to install Orca software.
Configuration How to configure Orca.

Running Orca

Name Description
Command Line How to launch a container from the command line.
Web Portal Guide How to configure the Orca Web Portal.


Name Description
Developer Setup Notes Some notes for setting up a development/control node.
Inter-actor Queries Describes the interactor query channel.
Substrate API Describes the Orca substrate API
Porting to Orca 2.0 Describes the steps needed to port existing code to Orca 2.0.

Case Studies

Name Description
Case study: Orca at Williams Cooking an Orca facility from scratch at Williams College.


The following guides are somewhat deprecated as they refer to using Orca with COD and will soon be removed as we switch completely from COD.

Name Description
Inventory Guide How to configure and register resources for a site.
Images Guide How to configure and register images for virtual and physical machines.