Orca Handlers Directory

This page is a directory of the currently supported handlers in Orca. We also list all Ant tasks that can be used to build customized handlers.


The path of the handler corresponds to the path it would be found in an Orca installation. The path is relative to $ORCA_LOCAL/handlers.

Handlers marked with an askterisks(*) are not officially supported.

No: Path Description
1 common/noop.xml Default null handler
2 standard/vlan/handler.xml Sample VLAN handler
3* standard/xen/zfs/handler.xml COD-based VM allocation handler using XEN and ZFS
4* standard/xen/lvm/handler.xml COD-based VM allocation handler using XEN and LVM
5 ec2/handler.xml EC2/Eucalyptus handler
6 network/nlr/handler.xml NLR handler