Orca Policies Directory

This page is a directory of the currently supported policies in Orca. Policies are organized by actor type. Please click on the policy name for more information about a specific policy.

Guest Policies

A guest policy is used by a guest to control the lifecycle of its reservations. In general, all guests should be served well by the default guest policy (ServiceManagerSimplePolicy ). Policy extensions in guests are typically provided by Controllers .

Number Policy name Description
1 ServiceManagerSimplePolicy Basic policy for guests

Broker Policies

A broker policy is used by Orca actors performing the role of a broker. A broker policy is responsible for obtaining inventory from other brokers/aggregates and for delegating resources controlled by the broker to other brokers and guests. A broker policy delegates resources by issuing a ticket (a promise for resources) to the requestor.

Number Policy name Description
1 BrokerSimplerUnitsPolicy Basic policy for guests based on unit counts

Aggregate Policies

An aggregate policy is used by Orca actors performing the role of an aggregate. An aggregate policy is responsible for managing one or more resource pools and assigning resources from that pool to guests that present a valid ticket issued by a broker. An aggregate policy is also responsible for delegating resources to brokers. An aggregate policy assigns resources to guests in the form of a lease.

Number Policy name Description
1 AuthorityCalendarPolicy Basic policy for aggregates based on an internal calendar