class: orca.policy.core.SimpleVMControl

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A control fro managing virtual machine (VM) allocation. Unlike VMControl this control does not keep track of each VMM host. Instead it assumes that there exists a service for allocating VMs, responsible for the selection of hosts for each VM. The control maintains a count of available VMs and defers to the external service for placement choices.

This policy is used to integrate Eucalyptus as a substrate in Orca. The same policy can be used to integrate Amazon EC2 .

Configuration Properties

  • ip.list - a comma-separated list of ip addresses to use. Supports / notation (e.g., and range notation (e.g., If specified, each allocated VM will also be assigned an IP address from that list.
  • ip.subnet - subnet mask for IP address asignment
  • ip.gateway - gateway ip address
  • data.subnet - subnet mask for data plane