Release Notes


  • Consolidated the Container Manager hierarchy
    • The Orca conainer is now implemented by the OrcaContainer class.
    • Added a Globals class to help with accessing the container, the configuration, and the main logger.
  • Simplified container managerment
    • Reduced number of configuration files
    • Moved database settings from the actor's XML file into However, still a few other places remain that duplicate the database settings.
  • Proper usage of log4j for logging (no more LoggingTool)
    • Logging settings are controller from
    • Log file names are now predictable
    • NOTE: code that uses LoggingTool would have to be updated to use org.apache.log4j.Logger
  • Node Agent APT package
  • Node Agent RPM package
  • Webapp APT package
  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation and website improvements (a work in progress)


  • Moved the Orca project from Duke to RENCI
  • New Drivers and policies for dealing with network resources
  • New Simplified broker ans site policies
  • Sample driver and a driver template to simplify driver development
  • Numerous bug fixes