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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#38 Determine source code license and make sure it is present in all files new aydan defect major Future
#94 Implement lease cancellation (implement #3 and #4). new aydan task major Future
#186 Allow multiple resource pools for a given resource type new aydan enhancement major Future
#187 Allow unsolicited ticket update from sites new aydan defect major Future
#224 Add renew-pass-through resource pool property new ibaldin enhancement major Future
#239 Functional dependencies on links new yxin enhancement major Future
#240 Add worker to switch port mapping information assigned ibaldin enhancement major Future
#274 start versioning xcat templates for racks new vjo defect major
#280 BBN-W4 under watch assigned ibaldin task major
#285 Add controller actor type and entry in the actor database new ibaldin enhancement major
#294 Some reservations remain in "Closewait" on slice expiry new aydan defect major
#309 Eclipse Kepler setup new ibaldin task major
#318 BM Nodes stay nascent in some inter-domain slices. new yxin defect major
#337 Possible core issue of unknown origin new aydan defect major
#354 Troubleshoot UCD secondary interface for public access new ckh defect major
#357 Create masterless puppet for all ExoGENI nodes assigned jonmills enhancement major
#362 Attaching VMs to mesoscale OF VLANs assigned ibaldin defect major
#378 Implementing storage usable by multiple controllers new yxin defect major
#388 DAR local cache in actor does not appear to update when status changes in DAR new claris defect major
#403 NEuca needs to have PID file in /var/run for init system compliance/support alternative init systems better new vjo enhancement major
#413 WVN UCS-C with OpenFlow new vjo task major
#418 UMass GENI Stitching and direct BBN link new vjo task major
#420 GWU additional blades new jonmills task major
#426 Restart TAMU/UH for RDF update for direct stitching new vjo task major
#438 data plane networking ufl-w2 do not work new jonmills defect major
#439 networking on osf-w5 not working new vjo defect major
#369 DAR management GUI new claris enhancement minor
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