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#26 Document the Process of Creating a Site Policy aydan task major fixed
#28 Document the Process of Creating a Broker Policy task major fixed
#44 Can we use SOAP communication for command line experiments aydan defect major Anacortes 1.2 wontfix
#45 Ensure the simple policies we added recover correctly aydan defect major wontfix
#46 Revise and cleanup the various properties lists we use aydan defect major wontfix
#48 Make cross-actor calls asynchronous aydan defect major fixed
#49 Move database and container guid configuration from the XML file to varun defect major fixed
#50 Audit and commit to all key interfaces aydan defect major fixed
#51 Cleanup cod defect major fixed
#52 Index actors using guid instead of name aydan defect major wontfix
#56 Audit all security checks aydan defect major fixed
#57 Add implementations for the core security classes aydan defect major wontfix
#61 Move into aydan defect major fixed
#62 Drop support for LDAP task major fixed
#63 Optimize the database class aydan defect major wontfix
#65 Investigate support for newer Axis aydan defect major fixed
#66 Remove recover and probe from the Config interface aydan defect major fixed
#67 Consolidate error codes aydan defect major wontfix
#68 Introduce a global thread pool to take over the various thread pools we have in the system aydan defect major wontfix
#81 Add unit tests at every possible level defect major fixed
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