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Create masterless puppet for all ExoGENI nodes

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To have puppet work in such a way that a script, triggered from crond, syncs an svn-controlled puppet tree, and then applies that tree to the local host via 'puppet apply' mechanism.

* It should do the right thing no matter whether it is run on a headnode or a worker node or a storage node.

* It would be suitable for exporting to anyone, such that they could use it to set up a working ExoGENI rack without being tied to control.exogeni.net for orchestration.

* It further reduces our reliance on control.exogeni.net, eliminating a single point of failure. This notion being more in keeping with the spirit of a truly distributed architecture.

* Optionally, shift node-specific data into a hiera datastore (yaml definition file) instead of using puppet node definitions; but this ought not to be a blocker to initial implementation, and could in fact be a later enhancement.

* To be completed before 2015.

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There is now a 'masterless' branch for puppet in svn.exogeni.net:


There's also some docs on using it:


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