and .


21:50 Ticket #33 (Separate actors into different containers) closed by ibaldin


09:26 Ticket #89 (Develop NLR Sherpa site policy) closed by ibaldin
wontfix: The Sherpa workflow is as follows: reserve a vlan_id, provision a path …
09:21 Ticket #88 (Develop NLR Sherpa driver/handler) closed by ibaldin
09:17 Ticket #99 (Demo-ware portal) created by ibaldin
Develop demo-ware portal using google API to allow viewing, selection and …


15:43 Ticket #98 (How to reset admin password for ORCA) created by fyeh@…
Using user 'admin' and no password on a semi-new-installed orca web …


13:21 Ticket #97 (Euca image with SSH proxy) created by ibaldin
We need a new XEN image to enable proxying into the VMs instantiated by …


12:01 Ticket #96 (Add Eucalyptus support) created by ibaldin
Incorporate Eucalyptus driver and site policy to enable easy …
11:09 Ticket #95 (Network driver cleanup) created by ibaldin
Reseolve the concurrency issue in the networking drivers. Convert drivers …
11:08 Ticket #94 (Implement lease cancellation (implement #3 and #4).) created by ibaldin
Here are some notes on lease cancel/vacate derived from the cluster-D …
11:07 Ticket #93 (Implement lease cancellation (implement #1 and #2).) created by ibaldin
From Jeff: Here are some notes on lease cancel/vacate derived from the …
11:05 Ticket #92 (Develop code to dynamically derive order of redeem's to enable ...) created by ibaldin
Using the results of the inter-domain SP create a 'tree' of redeems to …
11:00 Ticket #91 (Create code for inter-domain path computation based on NDL) created by ibaldin
Using 'coalesced' domain NDL description enable SP inter-domain path …
11:00 Ticket #90 (Develop code to coalesce detailed site NDL into domain NDL) created by ibaldin
Create code that can take a detailed description of a site (network or …
10:56 Ticket #89 (Develop NLR Sherpa site policy) created by ibaldin
Based on the driver/handler develop a site policy that can reserve X …
10:54 Ticket #88 (Develop NLR Sherpa driver/handler) created by ibaldin
Develop a driver handler code (including Ant tasks and unit tests) to …
10:49 Ticket #87 (Connect Duke CSC 84 cluster to Duke BEN PoP) created by ibaldin
Negotiate a set of VLAN tags that will be passed through by the 84 cluster …
10:48 Ticket #34 (Sort out Duke BEN PoP to NLR VLAN connectivity) closed by ibaldin
10:47 Ticket #32 (Implement a plugin for the portal to show VLAN provisioning) closed by ibaldin
10:46 Ticket #40 (Improve and update the guides) closed by ibaldin
10:45 Ticket #31 (more 3rd party jar files to maven repository) closed by ibaldin


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