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12:14 Ticket #102 (Test default ticket) closed by ibaldin
fixed: - Fixed now.
12:14 Ticket #102 (Test default ticket) created by ibaldin
Nothing works. Please Help.
12:07 Ticket #98 (How to reset admin password for ORCA) closed by ibaldin
fixed: mysql> use orca; mysql> update Users set usr_password='my-password' where …
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16:21 Ticket #101 (Implement actor registry) created by ibaldin
Implement a single registry of actors present in the system.
16:15 Ticket #100 (Implement a controller w/ XML-RPC interface matching protoGENI) created by ibaldin
Implement a new controller capable of interfacing with protoGENI tools …
15:43 Ticket #87 (Connect Duke CSC 84 cluster to Duke BEN PoP) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Fiber is in place. Connectivity between an interface in the 84 cluster …


21:50 Ticket #33 (Separate actors into different containers) closed by ibaldin


09:26 Ticket #89 (Develop NLR Sherpa site policy) closed by ibaldin
wontfix: The Sherpa workflow is as follows: reserve a vlan_id, provision a path …
09:21 Ticket #88 (Develop NLR Sherpa driver/handler) closed by ibaldin
09:17 Ticket #99 (Demo-ware portal) created by ibaldin
Develop demo-ware portal using google API to allow viewing, selection and …


15:43 Ticket #98 (How to reset admin password for ORCA) created by fyeh@…
Using user 'admin' and no password on a semi-new-installed orca web …
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