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15:29 Ticket #279 (Set hostname to sliver name automatically in NEuca) created by ibaldin
This is a common-enough request, we should just do it.
15:28 Ticket #278 (Add account creation to controller) created by ibaldin


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11:20 Ticket #271 ("Disappearing" reservations - resulting from SM being restarted under ...) closed by ibaldin
wontfix: This will be solved when we have controller and SM recovery working well. …
11:15 Ticket #256 (Order cables to support hybrid mode at ExoGENI sites) closed by ibaldin
11:04 Ticket #277 ($sliceName returns a slice name, but not the URN (when used with GENI API)) created by ibaldin
Not sure how this is even possible - slice name comes to us as URN when …
10:52 Ticket #276 (ImageProxy failure does not cause reservation failure) closed by ibaldin
duplicate: This ticket is related to #275. There is a disconnect in state between AM …
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00:56 Ticket #276 (ImageProxy failure does not cause reservation failure) created by ibaldin
From Pequod: Start: Fri Jul 12 19:10:55 UTC 2013 End:Fri Jul …


11:59 Ticket #275 (Mismatch between AM and SM/Broker in accounting for VMs that have failed ...) created by ibaldin
We keep getting into situations where the broker thinks cores are …


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11:46 Ticket #274 (start versioning xcat templates for racks) created by ibaldin
11:44 Ticket #273 (RCI worker 9 has memory errors) created by ibaldin
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