and .


17:07 Changeset [6219] by ibaldin

Merged with trunk @6218

16:47 Changeset [6218] by ibaldin

One more thing

15:54 Changeset [6217] by ibaldin

Forgot to source bentasks

15:11 Changeset [6216] by ibaldin

Serializing OSCARS calls as per Evangelos

12:00 flukes edited by ibaldin
11:59 flukes edited by ibaldin
11:58 flukes edited by ibaldin
11:57 GENI Portal.png attached to flukes by ibaldin
GENI Portal snapshot


21:21 Changeset [6215] by yxin

bitset: max+1

18:52 Ticket #316 (Maintenance window 3/6/2014 - closure of several tickets) closed by vjo
17:10 Changeset [6214] by yxin


17:03 Changeset [6213] by yxin

lower case domain name

15:19 Changeset [6212] by yxin

adjust vlan range in sl

15:17 Changeset [6211] by ibaldin

Adding thread naming

14:59 Changeset [6210] by yxin

1. SONIC ports to rci and ucd, 2.ucd urn in ion, 3. a prefix fix in ...

14:52 Changeset [6209] by ibaldin

Adding more careful handling of slice close events especiall if they are ...

13:37 Ticket #316 (Maintenance window 3/6/2014 - closure of several tickets) created by vjo
Maintenance is touching RCI, BBN, FIU, UFL, SL. Emergency maintenance is …


17:40 Changeset [6208] by yxin

updated rdf for wvn site: vlan3711 for meso scale

17:08 Changeset [6207] by yxin

rdf for the ucd site

14:36 Changeset [6206] by vjo

Build failure notifications work; do a clean build.

14:34 Changeset [6205] by vjo

Intentionally trying to fail build, once more.

14:27 Changeset [6204] by vjo

Intentionally trying to fail build.

14:15 Changeset [6203] by vjo

Re-trying, with CentOS 6 build bumped properly

14:11 Changeset [6202] by vjo

Let's see if notifications work

12:59 Changeset [6201] by ibaldin

Added support for WVN, NCSU and NCSU2

11:25 Ticket #311 (New actor pequod passwords aren't in keepassx) closed by vjo


19:36 Changeset [6200] by vjo



16:59 Ticket #315 (StarLight connectivity (10 and 40G)) created by ibaldin
To keep track of SL for now.


15:44 Changeset [6199] by aydan

Persistence annotations.

15:14 Changeset [6198] by aydan

State machine diagrams.

10:20 Ticket #314 (Support Dropbox and Google drive in ImageProxy) closed by ibaldin
invalid: Or maybe it just works…
09:46 Ticket #314 (Support Dropbox and Google drive in ImageProxy) created by ibaldin
Seems like a useful thing to do


16:40 Changeset [6197] by yxin


12:26 Changeset [6196] by yxin

sync the fix w/ trunk/embed and rdfs; Restriction casting w/new Jena

12:09 Changeset [6195] by ibaldin

updated release notes

12:08 Changeset [6194] by ibaldin

Reversing update arguments to match API (after CH redeploy); changing ...

12:03 Ticket #313 (SONIC deployment and testing RCI/UCD) created by ibaldin
This ticket to keep track of SONIC testing. First thing - need to let …
11:30 Changeset [6193] by yxin

partially complete wvn rack, revised ncsu racks


22:03 Changeset [6192] by aydan

The recovery code for each reservation class is now inside the reservation ...

17:43 Changeset [6191] by yxin

for the 2 cisco racks

17:41 Ticket #312 (Cisco racks (ncsu, ncsu2, wvn)) created by yxin
Progress to ORCAnize the two Cisco racks: ORCA Configuration: 1. …


16:42 Changeset [6190] by ibaldin

more careful handling of slice ids

14:37 Changeset [6189] by yxin

fix a string error affecting bc w/ more than 3 ion branches.


16:38 Changeset [6188] by ibaldin

Changed color schema location

13:22 flukes edited by ibaldin
13:20 flukes edited by ibaldin
12:40 releases/Eastsound-5.0" created by ibaldin
12:39 WikiStart edited by ibaldin
12:39 WikiStart edited by ibaldin
12:07 Changeset [6187] by ibaldin

Merged with trunk @6186

11:30 Changeset [6186] by ibaldin

Fixing the GENI AM V2 API URL reported in GetVersion? per Aaron


15:48 Changeset [6185] by ibaldin

Avoiding a stupid deadlock

14:48 Changeset [6184] by yxin

added a direct link between fiu and ufl

13:28 Ticket #311 (New actor pequod passwords aren't in keepassx) created by ibaldin
Some of the newer actor credentials are not in the keepassx …
10:50 Ticket #310 (UFL vlan tags not working) closed by ckh
fixed: Done - the action is resolved as fixed


16:52 Ticket #310 (UFL vlan tags not working) created by ibaldin
16:46 Ticket #296 (Redeployment Testing Feb 3, 2014) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Opening up. Unresolved issues have been documented in #301, #302, #297, …
16:41 Ticket #305 (Connections to OSF not working) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Working now.
16:29 Ticket #286 (Look at slice state machine closing from state null) closed by ibaldin
15:23 Changeset [6183] by ibaldin

Added support for Slice Authority

15:21 Changeset [6182] by ibaldin

Careful handling of MT environments

14:44 Ticket #302 (ION to NICTA vlans 4003 and 4005 problems) reopened by ibaldin
13:21 Ticket #302 (ION to NICTA vlans 4003 and 4005 problems) closed by ibaldin
invalid: This is an issue with rack switch or flowvisor. Closing the ticket.
12:25 flukes edited by ibaldin


19:29 Changeset [6181] by yxin

update model in error in NLR handler

14:21 Changeset [6180] by ibaldin

Added to support cert chains, no effect on existing code

12:35 Changeset [6179] by yxin

sl rack with al2s vlan range.

10:56 Ticket #297 (Manifest visualization issues for multipoint and stitchports) reopened by yxin
Duplicated links appeared in SC13-demo-manifest.rdf, which has mixed …
10:33 Changeset [6178] by ibaldin

synchronizing on XmlrpcOrcaState? instead to guarantee mutex

10:04 Changeset [6177] by yxin

blocking reusing a stitching tag

10:02 Changeset [6176] by ibaldin

Serializing all createSlice calls to avoid multiple possible races


17:41 Ticket #304 (VLANS to ISI via CENIC) closed by ibaldin
17:28 Ticket #289 (Mesoscale monitoring pings to RENCI sporadically failing) closed by ibaldin
wontfix: NLR is gone, so should this problem.
17:21 Changeset [6175] by yxin

added stitching port to ISI in ion.rdf

16:56 Changeset [6174] by anirban

reverting hardcoded paths used for testing

16:48 Changeset [6173] by anirban

GENI speaks for credential check

14:58 Ticket #309 (Eclipse Kepler setup) created by ibaldin
In the attached file you can find my eclipse setup with various plugins …
14:15 Ticket #308 (UMass VLAN 533 as a stitchport) closed by yxin
fixed: done updating the ion.rdf and the stitching port wiki page.
14:10 Changeset [6172] by yxin

1. add vlan533 stitching port to ion.rdf; 2. throwing an exception ...

13:15 Ticket #308 (UMass VLAN 533 as a stitchport) created by ibaldin


01:40 Changeset [6171] by yxin

remove a possible tag returning eerror


00:54 Changeset [6170] by yxin

adding ion and intageni connectivity to slNet


13:02 Ticket #307 (Testing distributed actor registry (aka CouchDB)) created by claris
This ticket is to host discussion on the testing process for the new actor …
09:48 Ticket #306 (Distributed Actor Registry) created by claris
Distributed actor registry with Couchdb 1.5 backend. For the purpose of …


18:20 Ticket #305 (Connections to OSF not working) created by ibaldin
Likely a local VLAN issue at OSF?
18:19 Ticket #304 (VLANS to ISI via CENIC) created by ibaldin
So we keep track: VLANS 4006-4010 going to ISI to support ADAMANT.
18:03 Ticket #297 (Manifest visualization issues for multipoint and stitchports) closed by ibaldin
fixed: I'm pushing a new version of Flukes (limited by the speed of my home …
17:47 Changeset [6169] by ibaldin

Replaced linear path search with recursive

14:26 Changeset [6168] by ibaldin

Changes to reduce concurrency to reduce Jena complaints


12:14 Changeset [6167] by ibaldin

Fix to look at computed, rather than submitted reservations for potential ...

10:16 Changeset [6166] by ibaldin

null checks

00:52 Changeset [6165] by vjo

Just a bit of defensive coding


17:43 Changeset [6164] by ibaldin

Added more logging

17:27 Changeset [6163] by ibaldin

Added logging

17:07 Changeset [6162] by ibaldin

Forgot to initialize variable

16:25 Changeset [6161] by ibaldin

New fix for concurrent inter-domain slices that has a separate thread to ...

12:47 Changeset [6160] by ibaldin

Fix for concurrency issues between providers for ticket #296

11:56 Ticket #303 (Re-configure internal VLAN range for NICTA rack to 2-951 inclusive) closed by yxin
fixed: done. 2-951, size: 950. please modify NICTA site config.xml in next …
11:55 Changeset [6159] by yxin

redefine NICTA internal vlan range : 2-951, size rounds up to 950

11:53 Changeset [6158] by yxin

redefine NICTA internal vlan range : 2-950

11:17 Ticket #288 (Fluke on Mavericks) closed by vjo
worksforme: Flukes is running "fine" for me on Mavericks, using the Oracle JVM. Apple …
11:09 Ticket #303 (Re-configure internal VLAN range for NICTA rack to 2-951 inclusive) created by vjo
NICTA's researchers received VLAN tag 952 from Starlight as an upstream …


22:02 Changeset [6157] by vjo

Final test for tonight. Will try to get email notification of RPM build ...

21:04 Changeset [6156] by vjo

Got URL wrong in Hudson. Re-trying.

20:44 Changeset [6155] by vjo

Testing to ensure that the same SVN tag is built for CentOS 5 and 6 ...

17:41 Changeset [6154] by vjo

Build it again

17:30 Changeset [6153] by vjo

Build it

16:37 Changeset [6152] by vjo

Minor spelling fix...

16:26 Changeset [6151] by ibaldin

Fix to delay call; added URNs as an optional field for logins

13:41 Changeset [6150] by ibaldin

Added wait to calls to create/delete/modify slices to allow things to ...

12:54 Changeset [6149] by yxin

adding a debug statement

12:52 Changeset [6148] by yxin

finishing closing in close(), only unset the closeInProgress counter in ...


22:47 Changeset [6147] by yxin

control: used label returning

21:20 Changeset [6146] by aydan

Added state machine diagrams for AuthorityReservation? and ...

13:40 Changeset [6145] by vjo

Clean up the handling of tests in headless environments.

12:41 Changeset [6144] by vjo

Bad practice to return in a finally block. Wondering why the return false ...

12:29 Changeset [6143] by vjo

Force a false return...

12:24 Changeset [6142] by vjo

Helps if you actually import the Exception you're catching...

12:22 Changeset [6141] by vjo

Headless mode didn't solve it; it's an actual Exception in the test. ...

12:07 Changeset [6140] by vjo

Set headless mode, so that tests succeed in Hudson.


16:33 Changeset [6139] by ibaldin

Use networkconnectionpath instead of links

16:18 Changeset [6138] by ibaldin

Minor ndlpath

16:17 Changeset [6137] by ibaldin

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

16:16 Changeset [6136] by ibaldin

[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag orca-4.0

16:16 Changeset [6135] by ibaldin

[maven-release-plugin] prepare release orca-4.0


19:05 Changeset [6134] by vjo

Clean up some maven kvetching.

19:00 Changeset [6133] by vjo

Try another way...

18:48 Changeset [6132] by vjo

Revert to original

18:38 Changeset [6131] by vjo

Try a different way; the previous fix isn't working

18:23 Changeset [6130] by vjo

Support externally specified Maven and Ant options

17:32 Changeset [6129] by vjo

Bump revno to 4.1.0 in spec file

14:53 Changeset [6128] by vjo

aydan-recovery pretty much requires JDK 1.7

14:52 Changeset [6127] by vjo

Um. nodeagenthost is long ago deprecated, and the spec file is causing ...

14:40 Changeset [6126] by vjo

Adding a redhat top-level directory, that contains the spec file (as well ...

13:57 Changeset [6125] by ibaldin

Updated schema location

13:13 Ticket #302 (ION to NICTA vlans 4003 and 4005 problems) created by ibaldin
Per Chris: Testing connectivity to NICTA from Departure Drive (DD) …
08:25 Changeset [6124] by yxin

closing synchronization for nlr


21:57 Changeset [6123] by yxin

better handling closing in dd policy.

16:25 Ticket #301 (GENI Stitching support in ExoGeni racks) created by yxin
This is a task ticket for future reference: 1. bbnNet Total 116): 10 …
15:47 Changeset [6122] by yxin

so departure drive would not treat a p2p as multipoint

14:30 Ticket #300 (Deal with FIU/UFL stitching) created by ibaldin
AL2S is unable to stitch two sites on the same port (as in the case of FIU …
12:47 Changeset [6121] by yxin

minor: dealing with a single vlan


16:10 Changeset [6120] by yxin

only use jena-tdb for dependency to avoid class confusion

15:06 Changeset [6119] by ibaldin

Adding explicit loglevel to wrapper

10:52 Changeset [6118] by ibaldin

Minor NPE fix for ad parsing

10:51 Ticket #293 (NDL Conversion issues early 2014) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Closing summary: Problem 1: resolved in r6098 (see ablove) Problem …
10:48 Ticket #299 (Introduce virtual stitchport into request model) created by ibaldin
Currently only one stitchport per physical port in a slice can be used …
10:45 Changeset [6117] by ibaldin

Minor converter fixes

10:34 Changeset [6116] by ibaldin

Modified to support per-interface labelset parsing in ...

09:18 Ticket #298 (Baremetal to stitchport produces "No edge domain error") closed by ibaldin
invalid: GENI stitcher issue as per Luisa.
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