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18:25 Ticket #329 (For 04/14 maintenance window) created by ibaldin
We want to address the following issues in trunk: 1. Add memory guard …
11:30 Ticket #328 (FIU to UH anomalous behavior) created by ibaldin


16:42 Ticket #327 (Update racks to FOAM 0.14) created by ibaldin
Per GPO request


11:25 Ticket #262 (R710s for 40g tests on BEN) closed by ibaldin
wontfix: New nodes have been ordered.
11:12 Ticket #326 (Upgrade all racks to 6.5 to enable upgrade of libvirt for OVS virtual wire) created by ibaldin
11:11 Ticket #325 (YUM Update control.exogeni.net) created by ibaldin


15:15 Ticket #324 (Configure OF switch in UH to support OpenFlow in what is currently the ...) created by ibaldin
This will allow experimenters to create OF slices on the switch itself. It …
15:12 Ticket #269 (Zombie process created by neucad) closed by ibaldin
15:12 Ticket #323 (Configure mesoscale vlans at UCD) created by ibaldin
Determine the tags and configure them in NDL and statically in quantum.


13:35 Ticket #322 (40G testing OSF-SL-UvA) created by ibaldin
To keep track of 40G issues. Latest status: 1. Waiting on decision …
13:34 Ticket #315 (StarLight connectivity (10 and 40G)) closed by ibaldin
11:49 Ticket #321 (SL VLAN 1655 ARP issue) created by ibaldin
Investigate the reason for not passing ARP's on VLAN 1655 (static VLAN for …
11:43 Ticket #320 (UDP Performance) created by ibaldin
This ticket is to track the UDP performance issue in the racks. As a …
11:39 Ticket #306 (Distributed Actor Registry) closed by claris


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16:48 Ticket #301 (GENI Stitching support in ExoGeni racks) closed by ibaldin
15:40 Ticket #290 (SC13 tickets) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Closing ticket. Disappearing slices have been moved to their own …
15:39 Ticket #319 (Slices disappear from view right after create) created by ibaldin
Slices with no other problems (all resources eventually become active) …
15:10 Ticket #317 (pre GEC19 prophylaxis) closed by ibaldin
15:09 Ticket #313 (SONIC deployment and testing RCI/UCD) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Sonic works and will be demoed. We discovered some sort of an issue with …
15:08 Ticket #318 (BM Nodes stay nascent in some inter-domain slices.) created by ibaldin
For slices spanning UCD + RCI (with SONIC, although it probably has …


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09:28 velocity-templates edited by ibaldin


23:57 Ticket #317 (pre GEC19 prophylaxis) created by ibaldin
1. Check that we're not close to image proxy disk quota anywhere 2. Check …
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