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16:58 Ticket #342 (Bare-metal embedding issue with local controllers) created by ibaldin
Local controllers should reject a request with bare-metal nodes. However …


15:36 Ticket #341 (Testing 5.0 on UNC rack) created by ibaldin
Things that should be tested in UNC rack with 5.0 * Updated Nova …
15:34 Ticket #340 (For 06/09 maintenance window) created by ibaldin
These are the things that I expect will be addressed in this maintenance …


11:16 Ticket #339 (Bare metal boot and access issues) created by ibaldin
Luisa reported being unable to login consistently at BBN using dumbbell …
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16:55 Handler-Testing edited by ibaldin
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16:49 Neuca-handler-testing edited by ibaldin
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13:33 Ticket #300 (Deal with FIU/UFL stitching) closed by vjo
fixed: UFL back online, maintenance completion notification sent. I am closing …


23:39 Ticket #338 (Slices don't show up in SM on recovery branch) closed by ibaldin
invalid: SM actor was mistakenly defined in both AM+Broker and SM containers on the …


13:43 Ticket #325 (YUM Update control.exogeni.net) closed by jonmills
fixed: This is complete -- for more than a week now.
13:42 Ticket #332 (Remove Josh and Chaos from LDAP/RADIUS across all racks) closed by jonmills
12:15 Ticket #338 (Slices don't show up in SM on recovery branch) created by ibaldin
Reservations go through, slices get created, however in pequod slices …


11:50 Ticket #328 (FIU to UH anomalous behavior) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Appears resolved.


16:50 Ticket #336 ("Unscheduled" Maintenance, 5/6/2014) closed by vjo
14:40 Ticket #337 (Possible core issue of unknown origin) created by ibaldin
Reservation 1eb51af8-c27c-4a9a-aaaf-db3b42114aa4 (Slice torus-test-3by3) …


15:45 Ticket #336 ("Unscheduled" Maintenance, 5/6/2014) created by vjo
We need to take an unscheduled maintenance, in order to resolve the issues …
13:08 Ticket #335 (Extend on ubuntu doesn't work) created by ibaldin
Flukes on Ubuntu is unable to call extend due to some sort of date parsing …
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