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14:04 Ticket #358 (SM recovery loop) created by ibaldin
I’ve encountered now a couple of times an issue with recovering the SM …
14:01 Ticket #349 (controller recovery - slice deletion) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Appears fixed now.
12:41 Ticket #357 (Create masterless puppet for all ExoGENI nodes) created by jonmills
Goals: To have puppet work in such a way that a script, triggered from …


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17:20 Ticket #356 (Flukes XMPP support/flukes-only subscrube cert for XMPP) created by ibaldin
As per conversation we just had, I would like to add support for XMPP to …


17:41 Ticket #342 (Bare-metal embedding issue with local controllers) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Appears resolved per message in #355, closing.


13:39 Ticket #345 (Unable to contact SM) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Closing - appears fixed.
13:35 Ticket #261 (Package downloader into SRPM for OpenStack) closed by ibaldin
wontfix: It ain't happening.
13:27 Ticket #341 (Testing 5.0 on UNC rack) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Superseded by #355.
13:26 Ticket #352 (recovery - sync-ing state between SM and controller) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Is addressed in r6725 and several others. Tested in emulation.
13:25 Ticket #355 (Testing 5.0 on RCI rack) created by ibaldin
This ticket takes over from #341. We are concentrating on 1. Controller …


14:59 Ticket #354 (Troubleshoot UCD secondary interface for public access) created by ckh
Troubleshoot UCD headnode's secondary bond interface for public access to …


11:07 Ticket #353 (TAMU w7 configuration problem) created by ibaldin
Possibly a bios misconfiguration issue.


17:42 Ticket #352 (recovery - sync-ing state between SM and controller) created by anirban
Issue with synchronization between controller and SM: I tested whether …
17:35 Ticket #351 (controller recovery - modify) created by anirban
I found a couple of issues with modify with recovery. Modifying a slice …


14:19 Ticket #350 (Hybrid mode configuration and testing) created by ibaldin
This ticket is specifically to track hybrid mode configuration and testing …


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17:38 Ticket #307 (Testing distributed actor registry (aka CouchDB)) closed by ibaldin
duplicate: The issues in this ticket have migrated to ORCA5.0 teseting ticket #341. …
17:38 Ticket #321 (SL VLAN 1655 ARP issue) closed by ibaldin
worksforme: Appears to be solved on our end. Closing.
17:29 Ticket #349 (controller recovery - slice deletion) created by anirban
Unable to delete slices after recovery intermittently. This can happen …


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