and .


17:28 Ticket #400 (neuca guest tools fix for multiple storage with single node) created by ibaldin
Neuca guest tools should support the situation where a single node has …


16:17 Ticket #399 (Storage service updates) created by ibaldin
Tracking updates to storage service software (non-DS3512 and non-NetApp?


16:24 Ticket #398 (WSU redeploy with RDF update) created by ibaldin
Created to track this update targeted at enabling connectivity between …
16:23 Ticket #380 (Extend issues and recovery) closed by ibaldin
fixed: I think the other issue is a won't fix for now. Closing. It is possible to …


12:32 Ticket #368 (CouchDB DAR deployment issues) closed by claris
fixed: Replying to ibaldin: > Claris, feel free to close the ticket …


12:30 Ticket #397 (Exo Controller redeployment w/ new features and ION RDF update) created by yxin
In addressing some of the features described in ticket #372, I've added …


18:47 Ticket #392 (OSF Feb 6, 2015) closed by ibaldin
18:47 Ticket #392 (OSF Feb 6, 2015) reopened by ibaldin
Received a separate notification from google about more details of the …
18:08 Ticket #396 (Testing UAF) created by ibaldin
Keeping track of progress at UAF
18:07 Ticket #395 (Testing UMass) created by ibaldin
Keeping track of progress for UMass
18:07 Ticket #394 (Testing PSC) created by ibaldin
Creating a task to follow PSC problems.
15:42 Ticket #393 (Modify logging setup on production actors to reduce logging) created by ibaldin
In order to reduce the amount of logging we need to add the following …
09:54 Ticket #392 (OSF Feb 6, 2015) closed by ibaldin
09:52 Ticket #392 (OSF Feb 6, 2015) created by ibaldin
Owner: pratham@… Image: …


17:48 Ticket #391 (NDL converter flaking out on complex slices for exosm) created by ibaldin
Reporter: Ezra Kissel Error message (from GENI tools): No resources …


17:41 Ticket #390 (Update *.exogeni.net certs everywhere) created by ibaldin
Everywhere includes * wiki.exogeni.net (web1.exogeni.net) * …


18:27 Ticket #343 (recording the correct slice owner for speaks-for case) closed by anirban
fixed: changes checked in (-r 7073)


18:02 Ticket #387 (Flukes does not return manifests properly, when manifest contains Java ...) closed by ibaldin
fixed: Fixed in r7071 - not a flukes, but a controller issue.
17:30 Ticket #312 (Cisco racks (ncsu, ncsu2, wvn)) closed by ibaldin
fixed: NCSU/NCSU2 are being moved to new physical location. Passed the GPO tests …
17:29 Ticket #302 (ION to NICTA vlans 4003 and 4005 problems) closed by ibaldin
wontfix: Due to loss of L2 connectivity to NICTA it's a won't fix now.
17:26 Ticket #384 (Pre-2015 clean restart and GENI stitching update) closed by ibaldin
fixed: All issues have been addressed (NICTA is a separate problem due to NICTA …
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