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CreddyPod? is a program to generate and upload ABAC credentials.

The following are the required input parameters.

  • Issuer's public key certificate (issuerkey)
  • Issuer's private key (issuercert)
  • Issuer's role/attribute (role)
  • Object Identifier, if the role is specific to a particular object (roleobject)
  • Subject's public key certificate (subjectcert)
  • Subject's role/attribute (subjectrole)
  • Scope identifier, if the credential needs to be scoped to a particular identifier (scope)


PA.GeniPI <- GOC.GeniIdP.GeniPI
CreddyPod --issuerkey <path to PA's private key file> -- issuercert <path to PA's certificate file> 
          --issuerrole GeniPI --subjectcert <path to GOC's certificate file> --subjectrole GeniIdP.GeniPI