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    5050== IMPLEMENTATION ==  
    51 1.      How to customize “property list” for wireless/sensor RSpec?  How to store “wireless RSpec “? 
     511.      How to customize “property list” for new substrate, e.g., to include rspRspec? 
     53Each ResourceSet has ResourceData object, which consists of 4 property lists: 
     54      - request properties are sent to brokers 
     55      - configuration properties are sent to site authorities 
     56      - local properties are kept locally and used by policies and 
     57        handlers 
     58      - resource properties are pushed down  
     60   You can add your custom properties to some of the properties lists. For 
     61   example, you could serialize the whole resource specification down to a 
     62   String and attach it as a single propery. You could break the 
     63   specification into multiple properties. 
     65   There are multiple examples of property passing in the code base: 
     67   - some resource properties are initially extracted from the container 
     68         XML configuration file. 
     72         Take a look at manage/boot to see how the initial source tickets are 
     73         being created. 
     75   - when a site exports resources to a broker or a broker writes a ticket 
     76         to a service manager resource properties are included in the new 
     77         ResourceSet. See the extract() method of 
     78         ocra.shirako.core.BrokerPolicy. 
     80   - before a service manager makes a request to a broker it can append 
     81         request properties to its request as parameters to the broker policy. 
     82         For an example see createReservation in 
     83     test/unit/src/main/java/orca/tests/unit/main/ 
     85   - broker policies extract requst properties from incoming reservation 
     86         requests and use them as additional parameters. To see how this is 
     87         done, take a look at: 
     89         core/policy/src/main/java/orca/policy/core/ 
     91     and 
     93     core/policy/src/test/java/orca/policy/core/ 
     95    - service managers can set configuration properties before redeeming a 
     96      reservation from a site. Configuration properties are accessible to 
     97      the site's policy and to its setup and teardown handlers. 
     99    - service managers can set local properties to a reservation before 
     100      invoking its join/leave handler and these properties will become 
     101      available to the handler. 
    531032.      How is slice managed in ORCA? For instance, when to start and stop a slice and what are operations performed in starting/stopping a slice?