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     1== GENERAL ==   
     21.      Which directories/code to study? For instance, those for “mapper, setup/teardown, join/leave, policy plugins”?  
     3        ANSWER: 
     41)      orca.shirako.core 
     52)      handlers/standard/resources 
     72.      How can we instantiate each ORCA’s actor and where should we start in learning the basic actors interfaces (for such purposes as reactive synchronization and federation)? Is there any documentation describing ORCA APIs?   Does ORCA provide standardized API toolkits (e.g. ORCA-api.jar) to help Cluster-D integration initiative?  
     8        ANSWER: 
     9         webapps/config/config.xml 
     10== ARCH ==  
     111.      Protocol centric? How to write actors or borrow/extend ORCA’s customized interface to be compatible with ORCA implementation? 
     12        ANSWER: 
     131)      orca.shirako.api: for actors and policy plugin 
     142)      orca.controller.x: guest controller 
     153)      orca.handlers.x: handler.xml 
     164)      orca.driver.x: drivers 
     18== IMPLEMENTATION ==  
     191.      How to customize “property list” for wireless/sensor RSpec?  How to store “wireless RSpec “? 
     202.      How is slice managed in ORCA? For instance, when to start and stop a slice and what are operations performed in starting/stopping a slice? 
     21        ANSWER:  via Reservation which can scheduled and closed 
     223.      Is there a mapper policy module within each actor? (Found in Shirako paper, but unable do so in code yet) 
     23        ANSWER: orca.shirca.core 
     244.      How do handler and driver interact? Is handler an abstract construct in ORCA? Can the configuration/parameters of ORCA handler describe wireless sensor network slicing and resources? How to reuse the current KanseiGenie implementation of “slice manager”, “researcher portal”? As a driver?  
     25        ANSWER: handler.xml 
     265.      Does the handler or nodeAgent/adapter act as the slice manager in Kansei architecture? Is it necessary for Kansei to write wrapper /or simply implement ORCA-compatible drivers to facilitate function call between handler and slice manager? Can we implement some specific drivers that expose their API to the standized handler? 
     27        ANSWER: No. It’s controller who calls the handlers.  
     286.      How to implement plugin polices at the three actors? How to use or implement the Plug-in extension modules in ORCA core to respond to resource request events? How to implement policy plugins for resource allocation and management at broker and site authority ? And resource request management at service manager?  
     297.      How does the service manager talk to the web/researcher portal (Velocity constructed web)? Is it possible for us to implement some wrappers to let our researcher portal interact with ORCA's service manager?