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Creating ORCA-compatible DomU images

This procedure describes building an ORCA-compatible DomU image in step-by-step fashion.

CentOS 5.2

BEN ORCA deployment uses CentOS 5.2, so it is uses as a basis for building a DomU. These instructions should translate into other RedHat derivatives and near-term future versions.

  1. We assume that CentOS was installed with virtualization (typically means that Xen and libvirt have been installed) and booted into Xen kernel
  2. NOTE: Disable libvirtd - it only gets in the way (chkconfig --level 123456 libvirtd off)
  3. Acquire a filesystem image from (it has minimal filesystem images available for many distributions)
  4. Build a Xen-compliant initrd for the kernel of your choice (mkinitrd --with=xennet --preload=xenblk /wherever/you/want/to/put/initrd-<kernel version>.domU.img `uname -r`)
  5. Modify the config file that came from to match your kernel and initrd and disk image locations
  6. Mount the image and modify it to your liking (mount -o loop /where/the/image/is /loop/mount/point), e.g. change the IP address assignment
  7. Start the vm (xm create <config file>). With CentOS the last thing the console showed was sshd starting.
  8. SSH into it and use Yum to add whatever software you need