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    194194[CN] /var/log/eucalyptus/nc.log 
     196== Modifying networking setup == 
     198In order to use Eucalyptus with ORCA each physical host must have two interfaces: one to the switch that is the dataplane (Cisco 6509 in RENCI's case) and one that leads either to a management network or to the public internet, to allow connection with ORCA actors. ORCA site authority for Euca will be deployed on the Eucalyptus master node and it must have 
     199 1. connectivity to other ORCA actors 
     200 1. connectivity to Euca slivers so it can install guests 
     201This is achieved by creating a bridge on each node with a known name. This example uses 'sliverbr' although the name is not important, as it is not known to ORCA and is hard-wired into Eucalyptus through a patch. The following procedure must be performed on each node (master and client). This presumes the eth1 on the physical host is the interface that leads into the management network or to the public internet. It must not have a configured IP address. 
     203 1. Create a bridge and add eth1 into it, then configure the bridge to be the default interface 
     205$ brctl add sliverbr 
     206$ brctl addif sliverbr eth1 
     207$ ifconfig sliverbr <public or management IP address> netmask <netmask>  
     208$ route add default gw <default gw via the bridge interface> 
     211In Ubuntu this can be accomplished by replacing eth1 configuration in /etc/network/interfaces file with the following: 
     213auto mgmtbr 
     214iface mgmtbr inet static 
     215        bridge_ports eth1 
     216        bridge_stp off 
     217        bridge_maxwait 0 
     218        address <ip address> 
     219        netmask <netmak> 
     220        gateway <gateway> 
     223and rebooting. 
     225== Installing ORCA patches == 
     227There are two patches - one for the VM creation template (to allow creation of VMs with more than one interface), the other to enable to specify the VLAN tag to be used for a particular security group.  
    196229= Undoing an install =