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    194194[CN] /var/log/eucalyptus/nc.log 
    196 == Modifying networking setup == 
     196== Modifying networking setup to work with ORCA == 
    198198In order to use Eucalyptus with ORCA each physical host must have two interfaces: one to the switch that is the dataplane (Cisco 6509 in RENCI's case) and one that leads either to a management network or to the public internet, to allow connection with ORCA actors. ORCA site authority for Euca will be deployed on the Eucalyptus master node and it must have 
    223223and rebooting. 
    225 == Installing ORCA patches == 
     225== Installing ORCA-related patches on master node == 
    227227There are two patches - one for the VM creation template (to allow creation of VMs with more than one interface), the other to enable to specify the VLAN tag to be used for a particular security group.  
    228228 1. Install the updated VM creation template on client nodes by replacing files gen_kvm_libvirt_xml  and gen_libvirt_xml in Eucalyptus. In Ubuntu/Debian they can be found under $EUCALYPTUS/usr/share/eucalyptus. The two files are attached to this page. 
    229  1. Install the patch (vlan.patch attached to this page) for Eucalyptus security group VLAN forcing on master node.  
     229 1. Install the patch (vlan.patch attached to this page) for Eucalyptus security group VLAN forcing on master node. Note that the user doing make and make install must have $JAVA_HOME, $EUCALYPTUS and $EUCALYPTUS_SRC defined and ant and java executables must be on the $PATH. 
    231231$ cd eucalyptus-1.5.2/clc 
    232232$ patch -p2 < vlan.patch 
    233 }}} 
     233$ make; make install 
     235 Restart the cloud controller and the portal, try the following as a regular user: 
     237$ euca-add-group -d testvlan vlan22 
     238$ euca-run-instances -g vlan22 <usual parameters from above> 
     240If this works, you should see that 'eucabr22' bridge has been created on every host and a 802.1q tagged interface (typycally eth0.22) was created and is part of that bridge. If VLAN id 22 is enabled between all hosts, then you should be able to reach the new VM on the IP address indicated by Eucalyptus and it will be on the private VLAN 22. 
    235242= Undoing an install =