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    8282== Kickstart Configuration == 
     83In your kickstart cfg file, add instructions to use additional repositories.  Put this section in the main body of the file, above the %packages section: 
     87# Additional YUM repositories 
     90repo --name=duke-neuca --baseurl= 
     91repo --name=epel --mirrorlist= 
     94In addition these, you may want to build your own local repository to hold other RPMS that are required dependencies for Euca. A good example is the Sun Java JDK package (typically just 'jdk' if specified in a package list). 
     96=== Package list === 
     97This is a "nice", but certainly not minimal, set of packages one might install for a Euca worker node.  It has dependencies for Euca, as well as the 'jdk' package installed from a local (private) repo. 
     101%packages --resolvedeps 
     170# Things wanted specifically by eucalyptus 
     171# !! jdk-1.6.0_26-fcs must be provided by YOU in a local repo !! 
     201# Virtualization things 
     202# (Installs KVM but not Xen) 
     215# Install custom 
     218# Install Euca worker node components 
     223=== %Post section === 
     225In our Kickstart %post macro, we'll do some initial configuration.  In particular: 
     226 * libvirtd will install, by default, a bridge called 'virbr0'.  We don't want to use that.  Instead, we'll pre-configure the node to use a bridge called 'br0' that uses 'eth0' for its device. 
     227 * We want to set up our iptables firewall the right way.  Particularly a good idea if you are running your nodes in euca SYSTEM mode with public ip addresses 
     228 * Want to disable eucalyptus-nc service at boot (at least until all tweaking is done.)