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    2222== Testing handlers with NA components == 
     230. Let $ORCA_HOME be the root of your orca source tree. Edit in the appropriate handler directory to reflect the correct IP address of the node agent and the substrate locations. For example, look at the for BEN gec7 demo handler in $ORCA_HOME/controllers/ben/resources/handlers/controllers/ben/gec7 . master.service.location needs to contain the correct IP address for the node agent machine. 
     251. Build ORCA 
     27$ mvn install 
     302. Prepare handlers for execution in tools/cmdline. Note that because this command attempts to start ORCA instance, you must have mysql with valid schema and dataset running on the localhost. Note that ORCA deployment tree is created under tools/cmdline (including all plugins and handlers, and that is where they are executed from). 
     32$ cd tools/cmdline 
     33$ ant test.handler.prepare 
     35This will create the handlers/ tree and packages/ tree inside tools/cmdline 
     373. Make sure that the node agent (NA) is up and running. The NA actually controls the substrate. Also, the drivers need to be installed there. See documentation on how to set up node agents and install drivers on them - . Make sure that the 'ant drivers.install' step goes smoothly. That should verify whether the security setup is correct so that you can talk to the node agent. 
     394. As a part of the node agent setup process, a runtime/ directory would be created inside tools/config. This directory contains keys etc. required to talk to node agent. This runtime/ directory needs to be sym-linked under tools/cmdline.  
     41$ cd $ORCA_HOME/tools/cmdline 
     42$ ln -s $ORCA_HOME/tools/config/runtime runtime 
     456. Disable emulation in $ORCA_HOME/tools/cmdline/config/ so that actual substrates are touched. Make emulation=false in 
     477. Go to tools/cmdline directory. 
     49$ cd $ORCA_HOME/tools/cmdline 
     528. Test handler  
     54$ ant test.handler -Dtarget=<join|leave> -Demulation=false -Dhandler=<path to handler xml file in tools/cmdline subtree> -Dorca.home=. -Dsecure.communication=true <-DsomeProperty=any other optional properties> 
     56Example command to test the ben gec7 demo handler : 
     58$ ant test.handler -Dhandler=handlers/controllers/ben/gec7/ben.xml -Dtarget=join -Demulation=false -Dorca.home=. -Dsecure.communication=true