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Delegation models

This is the abstract model to advertise an aggregate's resources and services externally. ORCA AMs use this representation to delegate advertised resources to ORCA broker(s). AMs may also use this representation to describe resources in response to queries (e.g., ListResources?) or to advertise resources to a GENI clearinghouse. This mode should allow multiple abstraction levels, as different AMs may want to expose different levels of resource and topology description of its substrate. The model is generated automatically from the substrate description model (above) when a substrate stands up. The model contains two types of information:

  • Domain network service.
    • AccessMethod: e.g. ORCAActor, or GENI AM API.
    • Topology: Topology abstraction level exposed to outside. Right now, only node abstraction is defined.
    • ResourceType: This is inferred via a list of defined available resource label set, e.g. 32 VMs, 100 VLANS, that will be delegated to the broker.
    • AggregateManager: e.g. the URL of the AM.
  • Domain topology abstraction: Currently, the domain's topology is abstracted to a node, a network device with following information:
    • Switching matrix: capability (ethernet, IP, etc.), label swapping capability (i.e., VLAN translation for ethernet switching)
    • Border interfaces: connectivity to neighboring domains, bandwidth and available label set (e.g. VLAN)