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  1. Overview

NDL-OWL Models in ORCA


This page describes the semantic web models used in the life cycle of resource reservations (leases), and in ORCA implementations for resource allocation policy and stitching workflow. The implementation details refer to the Camano release of ORCA code.

We use a set of unified semantic schemas (ontologies) for representing the data models to describe resources in a reservation across the stages of its life cycle. We develop NDL-OWL - an extension of the Network Description Language using OWL. We use a number of tools to create and manipulate NDL-OWL ontologies. NDL-OWL gives us a flexible semantic query-based programming approach to implement the policies for resource allocation, path computation, and topology embedding. It enables these functions to be coded generically to operate on declarative specifications, rather than baking in assumptions about the resources.

Five models have been defined:

ORCA actors (authority/AM, broker and slice manager/SM) pass these representations as they interact to stand up reservations at multiple substrate aggregates and stitch them into an end-to-end slice.