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NEuca Guest Configuration


NEuca guest tools perform post-boot configuration of the VM using the configuration file passed in by the user as user-data option to euca-run-instances command. For more details see NEuca Overview.

Bulding guest image with NEuca tools


You should obtain a Eucalyptus-friendly pre-existing basic bootable image as the starting point. Several software packages must be installed on the image for NEuca guest tools to function:

  • Python 2.6 and up
  • Python-boto - frequently available as a distribution-specific package (python-boto).
  • Python-ipaddr - available mostly as source.

Installing onto the image

There are a number of ways to install additional software on the existing image. We describe one here as an example. It consists of several steps. Most operations require sudo privileges:

  • Mount existing image on a loopback device
    $ sudo mount -t auto -o loop,rw image-name /where/image/is/mounted
  • Copy the necessary software onto the image
    $ sudo cp neuca-py.tar.gz /where/image/is/mounted/root/
  • Chroot into the image
    $ sudo chroot /where/image/is/mounted
  • Install prerequisites using distribution-standard tools like yum or apt-get (example below is for Debian/Ubuntu images):
    # apt-get install python python-boto
  • Install neuca-py scripts. The makefile does its best to guess the distribution you are running so it can perform the necessary steps. Currently Debian and RedHat? derivatives should work.
    # cd /root
    # tar -zxf neuca-py.tar.gz
    # cd neuca-py
    # make install
  • Exit from chrooted environment
    # exit
  • Unmount the image
    $ sudo umount /where/image/is/mounted
  • Upload and register the image to Eucalyptus as usual. Note its EMI.