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    204204$ euca-add-keypair keyName 
    206 Store the output of this command in a file with the name name as keyName and put it in the ec2.keys directory. 
     206Store the output of this command in a file with name as keyName and put it in the ec2.keys directory. 
    208208Edit eucarc in that directory as follows. Comment out the first line by inserting '#' at the beginning of the line. Add the following lines to eucarc. The AMI_NAME must correspond to the emi-id of a neuca-enabled image. Replace XXXXXX with the correct id . The EC2_SSH_KEY property must point to the keyName file. 
    212212export EC2_SSH_KEY=keyName 
     215== Notes on deploying NEuca Authority == 
     217If you are deploying the NEuca authority in the same machine where Eucalyptus head node resides, a different port number has to be used by the tomcat. This is because the default port used by our tomcat (Port 8080) is already in use by Eucalyptus. To change the default port from 8080 to another unused port number, say 11080, the following needs to be changed. All changes are with respect to the webapp/ directory. In package/webapp/conf/server.xml , change "<Connector port="8080" maxHttpHeaderSize..." to "<Connector port="11080" maxHttpHeaderSize..." . In ant/, change "target.port=8080" to "target.port=11080" . Change any relevant soapaxis2 url in actor_configs/config.xml for OTHER actors talking to the NEuca actors. Edit one more tomcat file - If your tomcat installation is at /opt/orca/tomcat, edit /opt/orca/tomcat/conf/server.xml by changing "<Connector port="8080" maxHttpHeaderSiz.." to "<Connector port="8080" maxHttpHeaderSiz.." 
     219== Testing NEuca from tools/cmdline == 
     221You can use a test config file - tools/cmdline/tests/euca.xml  to test the NEuca handler without deploying webapp. The steps are the following. Make a new directory tools/cmdline/ec2 . Copy the contents of your ec2.keys dir (See section on Eucalyptus keys) into  tools/cmdlime/ec2 . Edit tools/cmdline/tests/euca.xml by uncommenting the line with 'ec2.keys' and providing the ABSOLUTE path to tools/cmdline/ec2. For example, that line might look like : <property name="ec2.keys" value="/home/orca/orca-trunk/trunk/tools/cmdline/ec2" /> . Edit ant/tests.xml . Go to the section that starts with '<target name="test.euca">' and change the following property "<property name="leaseLength" value="30" />" to "<property name="leaseLength" value="300" />". In tools/cmdline, run 'ant get.packages'. Then run 'ant test.euca' . This should fire up one instance on your euca-installation. If things go fine, you should be able to login to the instance at the ip specified in unit.manage.ip in the output using your key - <keyName>. Do ssh -i <keyName> root@<unit.manage.ip> 
    215223== NEuca Handler ==