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Using NEuca in Orca


This page contains notes about how NEuca is to be used in Orca.

NEuca Site Authority

To use NEuca, you need a NEuca-enabled Eucalyptus cluster and an Orca site authority actor configured to interact with NEuca.

TODO: add links to instructions about setting up Encalyptus with Neuca.

To define an actor to interact with NEuca, you can use the following template:

                    <label>Eucalyptus Virtual Machine</label>
                    <description>A virtual machine</description>
                    <handler path="ec2/handler.xml">
                            By default the handler assumes that the keys are under $ORCA_HOME/ec2. 
                            If you want the handler to use keys from a different location, specify it here.
                            Note: it must be an absolute path.
                            <!-- <property name="ec2.keys" value="path_to_keys_dir" /> -->
                <control type="YOUR_RESOURCE_TYPE_NAME" class="orca.policy.core.SimpleVMControl" />

Please replace the text in caps with text appropriate for your setup. You probably also want to change the units and the start/end parameters for the resource type.

NEuca Handler

The NEuca handler supports creating VMs using the NEuca extension. The current version of the handler supports the following:

  • multiple network interfaces
  • ip addresses per network interface
  • an instance configuration ip address
  • user SSH public key