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    5151  * Comments starting with '#' are not allowed, as this interferes with shell comments in the post-boot script 
    5252  * When specifying post-boot scripts, line continuation is indicated by the whitespace in the beginning of the line. Blank lines in post-boot scripts are not allowed. 
     54Interfaces are specified in the [interfaces] section of the file, one at a time, starting with eth1. Eucalyptus manages eth0 and it is not possible to affect that interface inside the guest using standard NEuca tools (except for doing it via the post-boot script). Each interface specification has one of the two forms: 
     56eth1=vlan:[host ethX]:[vlan tag on ethX]{:guest ip address/netmask length} 
     58for attaching VMs eth1 to a tagged interface on the host or 
     60eth1=phys:[host ethX]{:guest ip address/netmask length} 
     62for attaching VMs eth1 to a physical interface on the host. 
     64IP address specification for an interface is optional. NEuca guest tools will ignore interfaces without IP addresses and leave them unconfigured.  
     66== Using NEuca guest tools == 
     68NEuca guest tools must be installed on the EMI prior to booting, so that NEuca can take the final steps to configuring the VM (like assigning IP addresses to its interfaces). NEuca can operate without the scripts installed, however the user must then manually perform the configuration of the additional interfaces.