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NEuca user notes

Here are some notes on using Eucalyptus and NEuca extensions.

Starting/stopping instances

  • Start an instance with private addressing only (node gets only private Eucalyptus address that is only reachable from head node).
    user@node$ euca-run-instances --addressing private -n 1 -k key.priv <EMI id>
  • Start an instance with public addressing (node gets a private Eucalyptus address and a public address, however Eycalyptus firewall rules will block access to the public IP from outside).
    user@node$ euca-run-instances -n 1 -k key.priv <EMI id>
  • Authorize the SSH access to VMs in default group. If instances are created in security group other than default, replace 'default' with group name.
    user@node$ euca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 default
  • Create a security group, give SSH access to it and start an instance with public addressing and in this security group.
    user@node$ euca-add-group <group name>
    user@node$ euca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 <group name>
    user@node$ euca-run-instances -n 1 -k key.priv -g <group name> <EMI id>