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As of Bella 2.1, network substrate drivers have been reorganized from a number of separate projects (one project per device family) into a single simple project that covers all network elements. Node Agent code has been removed, such that new network drivers and handlers no longer require the use of Node Agent and are invoked directly by the Site Authority.

The drivers are located under $ORCA_SRC/handlers/network and are organized into a number of packages: - contains interfaces and classes common to multiple network element types (routers, DWDM platforms etc) - implementation of the Polatis optical switch driver - implementation of the Infinera DTN driver - implementations for routers/switches (currently contains Cisco6509 and Juniper EX3200) - common interfaces and classes for handler tasks that invoke driver actions. Also tasks for DTN and Polatis. - handler tasks for Cisco 6509 - handler tasks for Juniper EX3200

These packages are spread over multiple directories under $ORCA_SRC/handlers/network/src/main/java and $ORCA_SRC/handlers/network/src/main/resources. The resources/ subtree contains XML and TXT scripts used by different device drivers that encode the commands that need to be sent.