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It's beyond the scope of this wiki to fully describe what OMD is, except to say that it is a bundling of open source monitoring tools built around Nagios. It includes such packages as Nagios, Nagios plugins, Check_MK, mk_livestatus, mk_multisite, pnp4nagios. Effectively using OMD requires an administrator to have prior knowledge of these tools. Much documentation can be found here:

Nagios Docs

Check_MK Docs

Check_MK Variable Reference

* The OMD source can be freely downloaded via git.


* Some binary RPM releases can be found here:

HOWEVER, in an attempt to suddenly make more money, Matthias Kettner no longer distributes new, stable releases of OMD in binary format, so you now have to compile it yourself. Fortunately, it's not hard.

git clone
cd omd
make rpm