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It's beyond the scope of this wiki to fully describe what OMD is, except to say that it is a bundling of open source monitoring tools built around Nagios. It includes such packages as Nagios, Nagios plugins, Check_MK, mk_livestatus, mk_multisite, pnp4nagios. Effectively using OMD requires an administrator to have prior knowledge of these tools. Much documentation can be found here:

Nagios Docs

Check_MK Docs

Check_MK Variable Reference

* The OMD source can be freely downloaded via git.


* Compile from source:

git clone
cd omd
make rpm

* HOWEVER, some binary RPM releases can be found here:

* Better yet, NOW, there is finally a Yum repo available:

wget -O - > /etc/yum.repos.d/omd.repo
yum search omd-
yum install omd-0.54.x86_64