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Once you install OMD and create a site, you'll have an install homedir, $OMD_ROOT, which will look like /omd/sites/sitename (whatever you set your 'sitename' to be). Relative to that base, all of the configuration files used by Check_MK are found in ~/etc/check_mk. You don't need to worry about configuring Nagios itself, because that's the point of running Check_MK. It dynamically rebuilds your Nagios object configuration for you.

Use the tarball attached to this page to get an idea of a basic Check_MK configuration suitable for monitoring a Eucalyptus cluster. (Note that you'll need to change hostnames found in to suit your environment).

All of the files described here are complete arbitrary, and were just the logical layout preferred by this author. If you pleased, you could group all Check_MK declarations into one big file (just as you can write all Nagios object configuration into one big nagios.cfg -- but who does that?).

Used for writing traditional active checks into your Nagios configuration.