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A. Minimum reading about GENI and ORCA**

  • 1. GPO GENI Overview

(Slides) (System Overview)

  • 2. A Minimal Definition of GENI's Narrow Waist, GENI Facility Control

Framework 3. GENI Resource Specification, 4. ORCA high-level picture: 5. Shirako-focused view of ORCA, w/ lease state machines: 6. SHARP stuff to understand resource brokering and security model

**B. GENI and ORCA in greater details** 1. GENI Architectrue Redeux 2. GENI Facility Design 3. Using the Component and Aggregate Abstractions in the GENI Architecture 4. David Irwin's PhD thesis on ORCA 5. Laura Grit's ORCA thesis Laura's takes more of a virtual computing focus, but it is more nuts-and-bolts with respect to resource management.

**C. Steals from other's backyards** 1. (*VINI* software) Hosting virtual networks on commodity hardware.

2. Large-scale Virtualization in the *Emulab* Network Testbed.

3. *Kansei*: A Testbed for Sensing at Scale, Ohio State university

4. A Wired-Wireless Testbed Architecture for Network Layer Experimentation based on *ORBIT* and VINI.