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     1= Notes on porting ViSE to Bella 2.0 courtesy of D.Irwin = 
     4Hi all, 
     6As I mentioned on our cluster-wide phone conference last week, we've 
     7done an initial port of our ViSE controller to use the new generic, 
     8non-VM-specific substrate API provided in the recent Bella release of 
     9Orca.  Below are URL pointers to versions of our Anacortes-1.2 
     10controller and our Bella-2.0 controller (in *.tgz format).  For nearly 
     11all of the files, simply doing a diff between the Anacortes-1.2 file 
     12and the corresponding Bella-2.0 file (there are no new files) should 
     13provide a relatively good idea of what is involved to port an existing 
     16Since the web application, as far as I know, is not yet released for 
     17the new substrate API for Bella, we have tested this controller from 
     18Eclipse using a controller-specific unit test in the src/main/test/ 
     19directory (we also created a new project for our controller in 
     20Eclipse).   To do this, we built the controller using mvn package in 
     21the controller's directory and copied the resulting *.tar.gz file to 
     22$ORCA_HOME/tools/cmdline/startup.  We then created a Debug profile in 
     23Eclipse for the test and set the home directory to 
     24$ORCA_HOME/tools/cmdline.  The arguments we passed were "test.xml 
     25do.not.recover=true," where the test.xml file we used is referenced 
     26below and test.xml is located in $ORCA_HOME/tools/cmdline.