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Configuring common types of Authority actors for ORCA


Detailed information on actor configuration is contained here. This section gives a few brief examples and points out pitfalls.

Configuration snippet

This is an NLR authority configuration snippet:

                        <description>NLR site authority</description>
                                <pool factory="orca.boot.inventory.NdlResourcePoolFactory">
                                        <label>NLR VLAN</label>
                                        <description>A VLAN over NLR</description>
                                       <handler path="nlr/handler.xml">
                                                        <property name="nlr.credentials" value="/opt/orca/config/" />
                                                <property name="substrate.file" value="/opt/orca/ndl/nlr.rdf" />
                                <control type="nlr.vlan" class="orca.policy.core.UnitsControl" />

Pointing to handlers

All handlers as of Bella 2.2 are concentrated under handlers/ tree and can be easily pointed to from the configuration file as follows:

                                       <handler path="<handler name>/<handler xml file>">
                                                        <property name="<credentials property>" value="<absolute path to the credentials file in $ORCA_HOME" />

Following handlers are available. Note that many handlers require credentials to login to the substrate to perform actions. The files should be placed under $ORCA_HOME, the property names are noted below:

  • NLR handler file: nlr/handler.xml; credentials property name: nlr.credentials
  • NEuca handler file: ec2/handler.xml; credentials are stored in $ORCA_HOME/ec2 according to NEuca instructions
  • BEN handler file: providers/ben/ben.xml; credentials property name: ben.credentials
  • Euca-net sites handler file: providers/euca-net/<site>.xml; credentials property name: eucanet.credentials