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Eucalyptus setup at Duke

Matt has setup an eucalyptus cluster at Duke:

shirako028: source code compile machine, NFS server for install images, AMIs. ec2 binaries in /opt/ec2*.

This installation has one default image registered with it: emi-0D05022C.

To boot an image:

cd .euca-admin ec2-run-instances emi-0D05022C -k mykey -n 1

Where there is an existing amazon user defined in ~/.euca and mykey has been generated. The emi referenced is a tinylinux image provided by Eucalyptus.

shirako029: cluster controller, cloud controller/web frontend.

log in with admin/shirako and you should be able to approve account creation requests. Not much else to do there.

shirako037: compute node

if you do a xm list/xm console XXX you can attach to the nodes you created above.

Matt installed everything in /opt, and this is available on all machines above.

/opt/buildeuc -> scripts I used to build these things, install the nodes, and configure the headnode and compute node.

/opt/shared_images -> where EMIs are stored /opt/eucalyptus-1.3-src -> where I compiled stuff /opt/eucalyptus on shirako028, /opt/eucalyptus-dist on others -> the master install image /opt/eucalyptus on !shirako028 -> the configured, installed version of Eucalyptus for this node. /opt/local_images on shirako037 -> the place VM instance root devices are created.

There are log files to look at in /opt/eucalyptus/var/log/eucalyptus on the shirako029 and 037.