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Building GENI-ORCA

1. Create a work directory and change into it.

mkdir orca

cd orca

2. Retrieve the bootstrap directory from subversion.

svn co build-all

This will create the subdirectory build-all in the current directory.

Note: The ORCA directory structure and these instructions support versions of subversion before 1.5, which didn't have shallow extractions. Thus some of the instructions may seem unusual to svn 1.5+ users.

3. Soft link to the build.xml file.

ln -s build-all/build.xml build.xml

4. Use ant to get the source.

ant get.all

5. Initialize the webapp tree.

cd webapp

mkdir local; cp config/* local

cd ..

6. Prepare the tree


7. Initialize security and runtime configurations

cd tools/config

ant security.create.admin.config (try ant --noconfig security.create.admin.config if there are build problems)

cp -r runtime $ORCA_HOME/run/

cd ..

8. Build the whole tree and install all artifacts to the local repository

ant build.all