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Building GENI-ORCA

1. Create a work directory and change into it.

mkdir orca

cd orca

2. Retrieve the bootstrap directory from subversion.

svn co build-all

This will create the subdirectory build-all in the current directory.

Note: The ORCA directory structure and these instructions support versions of subversion before 1.5, which didn't have shallow extractions. Thus some of the instructions may seem unusual to svn 1.5+ users.

3. Soft link to the build.xml file.

ln -s build-all/build.xml build.xml

4. Use ant to get the source.

ant get.all

5. Prepare the tree by building pom files


6. Build the whole tree and install all artifacts to the local repository

mvn install

NOTE: ant up will do incremental updates of the source tree.