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Setting up ORCA database environment

NOTE: these instructions help set up an initial database environment for emulation mode. Extensions to these procedures for real substrate are discussed elsewhere.

1. Create user 'orca' in mysql and grant it all privileges on database 'orca':

$ mysql -u root
mysql> grant all privileges on orca.* to orca;
mysql> grant all privileges on orca.* to orca@localhost;
mysql> flush privileges;

2. Create a database called 'orca'

mysql> create database orca;

3. Populate the database with initial state

$ mysql -u orca <~/orca/core/schema/mysql/full.schema.sql
$ mysql -u orca <~/orca/core/schema/mysql/

4. Optionally add inventory (this is just an example - it isn't needed for practical deployments)

$ mysql -u orca <~/orca/tools/cmdline/renci/demo2.inventory.sql