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    55== Overview == 
    7 This section covers deployment steps for different types of site authorities. 
     7This section covers deployment steps for a typical ORCA site authority running a Eucalyptus site. The setup presumes that the container with ORCA is deployed on the head node of the Eucalyptus cluster (although this is not a firm requirement). Other components like ImageProxy and DNAT proxy can be installed. Image Proxy typically runs on the Eucalyptus head node. DNAT Proxy runs on a host that has access to the public internet (if Eucalyptus head node has no access to the public internet). 
    99== Deploying an Eucalyptus/NEuca authority == 
    10 DOCUMENTATION IN PROGRESS !!! Please come back later 
    1211=== Setup Eucalyptus with NEuca === 
    8079ORCA provides the capability for the user to specify urls for the filesystem image, kernel (optional) and ramdisk (optional) in their resource request. The user images would then be used to stand up the vms across potentially multiple independent Eucalyptus sites under ORCA control. The Image proxy is used to serve this purpose.  Follow instructions on [] to setup and run Image proxy. To configure ORCA to use the Image proxy, follow instructions on [wiki:image-proxy-with-orca ImageProxy with ORCA]. 
     81Image Proxy is typically deployed into a separate Axis2 container on the Eucalyptus master host. If not, it can be deployed on a separate host that  
     82 * Has a routable path to Eucalyptus head node 
     83 * Has Eucalyptus user tools installed 
    8285[[Image(image-proxy.png, 30%)]] 
    84 === ssh Proxy Tunneling and Using Shorewall === 
     87=== ssh DNAT Proxy Tunneling and Using Shorewall === 
    8589When you need access to vm instances created in a private address space separated from the public Internet, ssh proxy tunneling can be used. We support Shorewall-DNAT proxy for this purpose. Install and run Shorewall on a machine (the NAT host) that is accessible via the public internet by following instructions at [wiki:shorewall-dnat-proxy Shorewall setup]. To use Shorewall with ORCA, follow instructions for [wiki:shorewall-with-orca Shorewall configuration for ORCA].  
     91The DNAT Proxy must be installed on the host that has publicly routable IP address and has a route to the Eucalyptus head node. DNAT Proxy is only needed if the Eucalyptus head node has no publicly routable IP address or has no public IP addresses to give out to the VMs. 
    8793[[Image(dnat-proxy.png, 30%)]]