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Deploying an Authority


Covers types of authorities

Deploying an Eucalyptus/NEuca authority

Set $ORCA_HOME. Change ownership of this directory to the user on whose behalf the euca site authority is going to run. $ export ORCA_HOME=/opt/orca

Make directories for storing Eucalyptus credentials, ORCA configuration files, Euca site resource description files.

$ mkdir $ORCA_HOME/runtime
$ mkdir $ORCA_HOME/config
$ mkdir $ORCA_HOME/ndl

Runtime credentials

Generate guids and certificates for all the actors in your container. Suppose you have three actors in your container - one for managing the Eucalyptus vms, one for managing the vlans inside the eucalyptus cluster and one for managing vlans when you want to connect your euca cluster to external resources through network transit domains. Store runtime credentials in $ORCA_HOME.

$ cd $ORCA_SRC/tools/config

Set up tomcat

wget tomcat.tar.gz edit and

Generate Resource Representation for the Eucalyptus Site


$ORCA_HOME/config . Refer to the config files in the repository - config.xml and name it 'config.xml'. $ORCA_HOME/config/config.xml . Refer to and name it ''. $ORCA_HOME/config/

Image proxy


Final Deployment

tomcat restart, state_recovery lock file, deploy to the machine

Some troubleshooting tips

Image Proxy with Eucalyptus/NEuca

DNAT Proxy