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ORCA-fest May 2009

ORCA-fest was a discussion between Cluster D participants regarding Spiral 1 progress, ORCA feature roadmap and other issues surrounding the progress of Cluster D. The attachments contain presentations from the meeting:

  • ORCA-BEN progress presentation
  • KanseiGenie? integration progress presentation
  • Class diagram of unified network element drivers from Dan Evans
  • ORCA Integration roadmap document, which describes (a) options for integration of substrates and tools with ORCA and (b) feature roadmap for ORCA
  • Presentation from Jeff Chase relating architectural concepts and source code components in ORCA
  • Presentation from Aydan Yumerefendi describing development/build and deployment process for ORCA
  • Presentation from GPO (Harry Mussman)

Note: A Vizio 2007 viewer is available from Microsoft.