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    145145A stitch port is a facility that provides a means for attaching your slice to an external network not controlled by ExoGENI. Stitch ports can be connected to nodes and require two pieces of information - a VLAN tag (one has to be known to you as a user prior to trying this; negotiation of these tags happens with campus network operators out of band) and a URL of the port - the name under which ORCA/ExoGENI knows this physical port on the switch in one of the racks or e.g. in BEN. Once both are specified a slice can be created that ends on a given physical port on a specified VLAN that can e.g. connect into a special-purpose campus network segment. 
     147=== Storage === 
     149Some ExoGENI sites allow adding slivers of storage to your slice. These are iSCSI volumes allocated from the rack-local storage appliance, formatted to experimenter specifications and attached to one or more nodes in the topology. Simply select 'Storage' node type, add it to the topology, right-click and fill in the necessary properties. Connect the storage to one or more nodes in the topology. The necessary properties will be passed into the node to initialize, format (if needed), attach and mount the volume. Note that while it is possible to attach more than one node to a volume, it is an advanced usage. In this case the volume will be attached, but not mounted, as the experimenter must decide which nodes will be readers, which will be writers and how they will be deconflicted. iSCSI protocol allows for this, but not every filesystem type supports it.  
    147151=== Node dependencies ===