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    242242User must set 'enable.irods' to true to enable the iRods support in Flukes. The remainder of the properties determines what format is used to save requests and manifests ('ndl' or 'rspec'; note that it is not possible to load 'rspec' into Flukes, as conversion from native NDL to GENI RSpec is one way). The location of iCommands is determined by 'irods.icommands.path' and the naming templates for requests and manifests are determined by 'irods.request.template' and 'irods.manifest.template' properties, respectively. The fields like '', 'date' and 'irods.format' can be substituted. 
     244=== Colored property graphs === 
     246Flukes support adding 'coloring' annotation to the slice requests that is passed unaffected through the resource provisioning and becomes visible in the slice manifest, where provisioned resources can be correlated to the assigned colors. A color label (a string) can be assigned to any resource in the request (a node or a link) and also to a special kind of colored edge between any two resources. Each color label can be associated with a dictionary of key-value pairs or a blob of text or XML. The purpose of this work is to allow higher level (e.g. application) annotation of the request graph. An application can assign color labels of its choosing to different resources, associate properties (dictionaries or text blobs) with them and inspect the manifest graph that represents the combination of this annotation and the description of the provisioned resources. This may help the application consuming the manifest to make deployment decisions of its components in the slice.  
     248Since this ORCA feature is really meant for automated processing, the support in Flukes is meant primarily for testing and debugging.  
    244250== Support for GENI Portal ==