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    217217 * Add any node or link 
    218218   * Query for slice manifest, then click to add new nodes or links as if you were drawing a slice. Use 'Submit Changes' menu item to enact the changes. You can use query for manifest or use polling to wait until the changes are realized. 
     220=== Slice-to-slice stitching === 
     222Two slices that have reservations on the same rack/aggregate can be stitched together. The supported scenario is connecting a link or a broadcast link in one slice to a compute node in another slice. In order to enable it insert the following property into your file: 
     226The following operations are possible 
     227 * Permit stitching to a node or a link. A password must be set that is then shared with owners of slices who wish to stitch to this slice 
     228 * Revoke stitching permission. Disallows new stitching operations, however does not undo existing slice-to-slice stitches 
     229 * Perform a slice-to-slice stitching operation using the password established in the first step. The user must indicate the name of the slice and the ID of the reservation (node or link) in the other slice to which the stitching is being done. It is possible to set IP address and netmask for the new interface that will appear on the node that connects to the link. 
     230 * Undo stitching. This operation does not require a password and is symmetrical - can be performed by owner of either slice. 
     231 * Inspect stitching-related properties. Lists existing and past stitches to the particular node or link 
    220233=== !OpenFlow ===