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    2424 * Permits group properties common to all nodes in a group 
    2525 * Permits ORCA-driven splitting of groups between provider domains without user input  
    26  * Allows the user to specify custom boot images to be installed into provisioned resources 
     26 * Powerful stitching - requests submitted to Fluke can span multiple geographic domains and ORCA will determine and create the proper stitching between slice components at Layer 2 across multiple national and regional research networks.  
     27 * Allows the user to specify custom boot images (filesystem, kernel, ramdisk) to be installed into provisioned resources 
    2728 * Allows post-boot script templates (see section below) 
    2829 * Allows the user to specify functional dependencies between nodes (node A depends on node B == node B must boot before node A). 
     31== Using Flukes == 
     33=== User preferences === 
     35Flukes relies on a $HOME/ file to customize its behavior. Properties that are not specified in this file use default values. To inspect the current values of preference properties, click on the 'Help' menu and select 'Preference Settings'. The popup window will display the current settings. 
     37If you wish to overwrite any of the values: 
     38 * create $HOME/ file if it doesn't exist 
     39 * copy/paste the content of the preferences window into the file 
     40 * modify the values of properties you need to change 
     41 * save the file 
     42 * restart Flukes. 
     44=== Flukes GUI ===  
     45Flukes GUI opens with several tabs: 
     47here are several tabs:</p> 
     49 * Resources pane - for inspecting available resources 
     50 * Request pane - for creating the request graph for a slice 
     51 * Manifest pane - for inspecting the manifest of a slice 
    3054== Post Boot Script templates  ==